Poetrywala, Mumbai has  published my fourth collection of poems: Bookmarking the Oasis.  The book is available for purchase on their site:


The poet Ranjit Hoskote says in his preface:


Many of the poems in K Srilata’s fourth collection of poetry, Bookmarking the Oasis, take shape on the page like creepers, deceptively slender and delicate, or like long fuses spelling the taut distance between ignition and explosion, or like sutras revealing themselves in short lines of a few words each, marking units of breath while also calibrating the pace of thought. Indeed, many of these poems resemble the bookmarks of Srilata’s title: as though, with each poem read, we were recording the stages of the journey we make with the poet into a world of carefully scaled and nuanced meditations on a precarious contemporary epoch in which, as the artist Adrian Piper puts it in the disquieting title of an ongoing body of her conceptually inflected work, “everything will be taken away”.