Kala ghoda, Hyderabad Literary Festival, Origami poems and a video:)

Despite my being a reluctant traveller, especially mid-way through my semester, I ended up reading at two literary festivals – the Hyderabad Lit fest in Jan (where I met the inimitable A.Revathi) and the Kala Ghoda in a fast-paced as ever Mumbai where 18 of us poets read. Enjoyed both festivals thoroughly, the readings themselves yes, but more so – all the hanging out which, I suppose, are the real point.

And Origami poems have released a new microchapbook containing my poems – “Dreaming of Nameless things”. Check it out at:

Also, relatedly, Kevin Keough has posted the recording/video of my poem “Dreaming, Mostly of Nameless Things” on:
This is the sort of stuff that makes me insanely happy.

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